CESA #2 has provided a Department of Public Instruction (DPI) approved driver education program to high schoolers throughout Wisconsin since 2000.

Our dedicated driving instructors are DPI state-certified and experienced educators who have chosen to add driver education licensure in addition to a primary subject or grade-level certification -- an important distinction compared to commercial driving schools.

Driver Education Course

Driver education is a foundational offering of CESA 2. Districts that contract with CESA 2 are able to offer a driver education program to students at no cost to the district. This program allows districts to offer driver education to their high school students without incurring operational, vehicle, staff, and liability costs. The program is 100% funded by student fees.

There are three main ways to offer instruction:

  • In-Person - The course is taught in a traditional classroom setting at your high school.
  • Zoom - The course is taught via Zoom with a live instructor at a set time each day.
  • Online - The course is taught online, allowing the student to complete it at their own pace. An instructor is assigned to oversee their coursework, grade assignments, and answer questions.

Our Zoom and online course options are available to any school district in Wisconsin. Upon completion, the students can enroll in a behind-the-wheel program of their choosing in their local area.

Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons

Behind-the-wheel driving lessons include six hours of driving lessons and six hours of in-car observation. Students must successfully complete the course, be paid in full, and have their instruction permit before they can start in-car lessons.

We serve over 35 school districts across Wisconsin.